Crawl And Analyze The Web

ITMATTER solution is capable of analyzing unstructured data, text-based human speech data in particular, and extract meaningful information such as person and entity (organization names), headlines, mentions, and human understandable concepts.

Store Massive Graph Without Duplicating Content

Further, ITMATTER solution is capable of parsing, analyzing, and tracking every word, sentence, and paragraphs across any number of data sources being analyzed on recurrent basis. Building memory based data structures allows for massive scale-ability without content duplication. We are building a vector model of the Net, applied to a specific set of data sources.

Trends Over Time

Our approach allows ITMATTER solution to track the spread of mentions about people, organizations, places, headlines, and ideas/concepts across the web sources in near-real time.

Evolution Of Ideas

Utilizing deep-learning neural networks and word vector language models ITMATTER solution is capable of tracking changes in headlines & concepts across sources, geographical locations, and time. Additional capabilities are: content classification, sentiment analysis, and related concept analysis.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Analyze the data across different dimensions and using different visual graphs, charts, and other types of graphical visualizations. All visualizations can be customized. We proved canned reports & dashboards that can be further customized by advanced users.

Cross Device Support & Mobile

Finally, ITMATTER solution supports mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms for maximum usability and coverage. Our services dynamically detect end user’s platform and scale to optimal screen size.